• What is T-Stats? +

    T-Stats brings together all data relevant to your destination in one web-enabled database. It is custom built for each client, because we understand that every destination collects different data and has different needs and priorities. Sharing information is easy because it’s online, which also allows data to be collected from the accommodation and attraction sectors easily.

    By bringing all your data together, all this information is in one place, which gives you extra power for analysis, generating reports and really knowing what is going on in your visitor economy.

  • What are the benefits of using T-Stats? +

    Readily available central source of information for:

    • Funding proposals
    • Performance reports
    • Timely marketing campaigns
    • Potential investors
    • Planning decisions
    • Make fast decisions and answer questions about destination performance quickly and with confidence
    • Useful tool for the private sector to facilitate their business decisions and help you engage with them
  • Who uses T-Stats? +

    • Destination management organisations & BIDs
    • National tourism organisations
    • Planning departments
    • National parks
    • Hotels, visitor attractions, transport stakeholders and anyone who needs a tracking system!
  • What information will be on the system? +

    It’s up to you, but we provide a consultation session to help figure this out. We design your own T-Stats site around the statistics you already have available and the data you would like to collect.

    This could include:

    • Airport, rail, bus, ferry, cruise or other modes of visitor transport
    • Car parking statistics
    • Visitor Information Centres (footfall, enquiries, bookings etc)
    • High street footfall
    • Digital marketing performance (website traffic to destination website, all your social media, etc)
    • Weather (sunshine hours, rain, average temperatures)
    • Events
    • Hotels, Airbnb and other accommodation utilisation
    • Visitor attractions
    • Catering and retail
    • Inbound tourism statistics
    • Domestic visitor statistics
    • Economic indicators such as inflation, unemployment, interest rates, foreign exchange rates
  • Where does this information/data come from? +

    A variety of sources but usually:

    1. your own organisation or relevant government departments
    2. the private sector hotels, bed and breakfasts, attractions etc
    3. open source databases such as national tourism statistics, weather reports etc
  • I run STEAM or Cambridge - do I need T-Stats as well? +

    T-Stats does not replace STEAM or Cambridge. In fact it enhances STEAM. You need data to make STEAM results meaningful and this will provide you with everything you need to get that going - occupancy etc.
  • How do I start using T-Stats? +

    Simply organise your consultation
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  • How long will it take to set up? +

    Approximately 3 weeks.
  • How much does the system cost? +

    £400 per month. There are no hidden costs and no set-up fees.
  • Is there a demo available of the features? +

    Yes you can request a demo
  • Do I have to enter all our data? +

    It is up to you. We are here to assist if you would prefer to send your data to us but you have the facility to manage this yourself if you would prefer - most clients prefer to manage this themselves.
  • Who should manage the administration of T-Stats in my team? +

    We advise having a dedicated T-Stats Champion in your team who will manage and coordinate the data updates and disseminate the findings each week or month. The appropriate person will depend on your team structure. If you choose a monthly system you should allow approximately an hour per month to manage the simple data input.
  • Who can access the system? +

    It is a secure system accessed by assigned users with unique usernames and passwords. Normally our clients assign users in the marketing and research departments, the CEO, plus participating industry operators. Admin can decide who see’s which data.
  • Is my data secure? +

    Yes! We host the data on a secure server and your T-Stats site is only accessible by assigned users. All confidentiality agreements are signed prior to the site going live.
  • Do I retain ownership of the data? +

    Yes you do. If you decide to terminate your subscription and close your site down we export the data for you into excel.
  • Can the design of our T-Stats site be changed if our data changes? +

    All our sites are custom built which means we can offer flexibility around the development of your requirements. There may be a development charge depending on the complexity of the change.
  • Is T-Stats easy to use? +

    Very easy. It requires extremely basic knowledge of using computers and statistics. T-Stats is designed to make the use of statistics easy.
  • Is there training or technical support provided? +

    You will have a dedicated account manager from our team on hand when you need their assistance. When your site launches we will provide a training session to ensure you and your team understanding how to make the most out of the system - this will either be in your office or as a virtual workshop.
  • I don't currently work with the private sector - will they participate & share their data? +

    T-Stats is a great benefit for the accommodation, attractions and other operators who participate. Each participant has a tool to track their own performance as well as understand the wider context of the destination in which they operate. The T-Stats subscription is often funded by the destination managers and therefore a free tool can be offered as a valuable member benefit. T-Stats is an excellent stake holder engagement tool and drive collaboration in the tourism sector.
  • Will my team and I really have time for this? +

    It sounds like you’re too busy and need some time saving tools. T-Stats has been designed to save people time. You won’t need to run around gathering data every time you need to produce reports or proposals, information will be to hand at all times.
  • How can you help me persuade my boss I need T-Stats? +

    Saving time saves money. Have evidence based decisions means the right decisions.
  • Which design will work best for me? +

    Best thing is to contact us and we will work with you to come up with the best solution to suit your needs.
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