Our Solution

The Challenge

Tourism is a very exciting and dynamic sector to work in. But a visitor economy is also very complex. Destination managers and marketers are required to have their fingers on the pulse all the time and see the bigger picture - quite a struggle when you are so busy with everything else. We’ve developed Acorn T-Stats to make this easier to manage.

What is Acorn T-Stats?

Acorn T-Stats brings together all data relevant to your destination in one web-enabled database. It is custom built for you, as every destination collects different data and has different needs and priorities. Sharing information is easy, as it’s online, which also allows data to be collected from the accommodation and attraction sectors.

By bringing all your data together, all this information is in one place, which gives you extra power for analysis, generating reports and really knowing what is going on in the visitor economy.

Below lists some examples of statistics you may choose to keep in your Acorn T-Stats system.

Your Destination

National Information

  • Airport arrivals
  • Rail, ferry or other modes of arrival transport
  • Cruise passenger visitors
  • Car park statistics
  • Visitor information centres (footfall, enquiries, bookings, etc)
  • High street footfall
  • Digital marketing performance (website traffic to destination website, social media, etc)
  • Weather (sunshine hours, rain, average temperatures)
  • Events
  • Hotel / other accommodation occupancy and average rates
  • Visitor attraction visitor numbers
  • Catering and retail performance
  • Airbnb occupancy, rates and reviews
  • Inbound tourism statistics
  • Domestic visitor statistics
  • Economic indicators such as:
    • inflation,
    • unemployment,
    • interest rates,
    • foreign exchange rates

Combining all these, Acorn T-Stats can provide you with:

  • One practical database storing a variety of statistics relating to your tourism destination.
  • Business performance monitoring modules offering monthly, weekly or daily data collection direct from different sectors, such as: hotels and other accommodation; visitor attractions; catering and retail.
  • A web-based facility ensuring your facts and figures are accessible from anywhere at anytime.
  • Updated national information from open source databases.
  • Destination benchmarking: potential to benchmark against other destinations.
  • Dashboard: designed to provide a live window to your visitor economy summarising recent trends.
  • Tracker: interactive tables and charts to help identify trends and changes.
  • Unlimited user accounts: administrators have full control to add or delete user accounts.
  • Exportable data to excel or pdf when required.


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