Tuesday, 04 April 2017 13:29

Acorn T-Stats Arrives in Botswana

Acorn T-Stats is well known in the UK for helping destinations to track tourism, but in Africa it has less coverage.  However Acorn T-Stats have been contracted by the Department of Tourism in Botswana to develop a system that will help them monitor the tourism sector on a monthly basis.

The system will mirror many of the features that are used in the UK systems, such as measuring accommodation occupancy, visits to attractions, flight and passenger arrivals, and digital and social media indicators.  However it will also track international visitor arrivals through all of Botswana’s land border posts and airports, as well as visitors to national parks and game reserves.

Director of Acorn T-Stats, Kevin Millington, said: “this is a very exciting project. A few years ago we developed a system for Lesotho, which is also in Southern Africa, so it is great to build on our regional experience. Interestingly, the Department of Tourism has decided to add value to the database of accommodation establishments that sits within Acorn T-Stats for the measurement of hotel occupancy, and are using it for managing their hotel licensing.  It is great when organisations find ways of adding additional value to Acorn T-Stats”

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Acorn T-Stats will become central to the development of Botswana's tourism economy

Tourism in Botswana has shown little growth in recent years and is in need of a clear strategy for development over the next decade.  With natural resources such as diamond mining having a limited life, tourism is certainly one of the country’s biggest assets and one that should continue to deliver prosperity and employment for many years to come.  Hence there is a need to maximise the return the tourism sector can provide to the economy whilst retaining the environmental ethos that prevails today.

Acorn T-Stats will become central to the development of tourism in Botswana by providing detailed tracking data of the sector.  This will ensure sound data is provided for planning, marketing and promoting the sector in the key source markets.