Friday, 18 November 2016 12:04

Simplifying Statistics

Infographic by Falkland Islands Tourism

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data. It helps to simplify complicated subjects, or turn boring subject matter into a captivating experience for your readers.

Visualisation helps you spend less time explaining to your target audience. It helps people consume and comprehend data quickly. It helps people see the bigger picture without having to go through loads of text.

To create infographics we can either hire expert freelance or agency designers or depending on budgets, there are also many tools being released now that allow us to easily create them ourselves, for free internally. It is said that the key to creating a fast infographic yourself is finding a great template.

Below are a few useful articles recommending some of the tools available, tips for creating effective infographics yourself and examples of highly rated infographics produced by others:

Daimler for example have entirely changed their financial reports from that traditional style so their entire employee base from top management and financial experts to dockworkers could understand the information easily.

Here is an example we like…



For the full inforgraphic please see the original source:    Source:


Acorn T-Stats recommends using infographics as an effective visual way to display your visitor economy statistics to your management teams, private sector partners and the press.

But remember to create good infographics, you need good data! 

Read more about the Acorn T-Stats solution which helps you build data that tells the up to date story of your visitor economy.